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The Marine Protected Area "Torre Cerrano" was founded by decree of the Department of Environment and Protection of Natural Territories  on 21/10/2009, published on the Italian Official Journal n°80 on 07/04/2010.

It extends 3 nautical miles into the sea from the coast and spreads out along 7 km of coastline. The M.P.A. is formed of sand dunes for 2.5 km along the seashore, from the outlet of Calvano stream in Pineto as far as the centre of Silvi, at a coastal point corresponding to the train station. It has a surface of about 37 km2 and includes a restricted B Zone opposite Torre Cerrano, a square-shaped zone with a length of about 1 km; a C Zone of 14 km2 which extends 2 km into the sea from the coast and a wide D Zone, a trapezium-shaped area of about 22 km2  spreading out as far as the limit of 3 nautical miles.

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