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A mirror of water under the blue sky where to cultivate the precious resources of the sea. The marine area of "Torre del Cerrano" is located in Abruzzo, “the green region of Europe”,  and more than 30% of its territory is now protected.

The marine area is situated in the province of Teramo, between the city of Pineto and that of Silvi, it spreads out along 7 km of coastline and is the key point of a program of environmental protection and development. Thanks to this program and to the network of submarine oases, in the last few years it has been possible to safeguard, restock and study the marine ecosystem.

The place name “Torre del Cerrano” contains symbols of the story and identity of this territory. Cerrano is the name of a torrent flowing among the hills of Atri – another protected area which is famous for its wonderful badlands, a typical soil erosion– and flows into the sea in Silvi. The tower was built in 1568 by the Spanish and was a bulwark against Saracen pirates. The fortalice, which overlooks the dunes, has been completely restored and now it is the head office of the Centre of Marine Biology, only 2 km away from the centre of Pineto.