The Pinewood

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At the beginning of the XX century, it was Luigi Corrado Filiani, an educated land-owner, who started the project destined to mark positively the history and the urban aspect of Pineto: the creation of a coastal pinewood which could replace the ancient coastal wood that had disappeared because of an extensive use of timber in the previous centuries.

Filiani began planting pine trees south of Calvano torrent in the 1920s and went on untill he achieved his work planting the last trees in the coastal area facing Corfù, one of Pineto neighbourhoods. Then he changed the name of the town from “Villa Filiani” to “Pineto” as tribute to the Italian poet D’Annunzio and to his “The rain in the pinewood” (“La pioggia nel pineto”).

From then on, the Corpo Forestale (a branch of the police with responsibility for national forests) went on planting other pine rows till the area close to Cerrano fortalice and in the northern area of the city of Silvi as well.
A unique setting under the blue sky which offers an agreeable microclimate in summer and has elements of high naturalistic importance.