Guided Tours to “Torre di Cerrano”

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“Torre di Cerrano” is a beautiful tower located in the heart of the Marine Protected Area. It has been overlooking the Adriatic coastal landscape since the XVI century.
When coming back home from a journey, how often have we seen its profile and, at the same moment, had  the pleasant feeling of being finally at home? Or how often have we looked at it and fantasized about its story?

fotoDunaSince last summer, the Marine Protected Area Management Association have been organizing free guided tours to the tower "Torre di Cerrano". Many tourists have admired its interior, its courtyard and the breath-taking landscape you can enjoy once on the top floor. Then the only thing left to do is to take your camera and discover the tower and the beauties that Pineto offers.
For further information on the tours and on how to book them:
IAT Pineto (Tourist Information Office) – Villa Filiani – tel. 085 9491745